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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  September 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the fbi is searching for what they say is a serial child abductor after linking him to two a local mother once charges filed after her son's that is him. why she says things went too far. stipe meal ticket defensive title tomorrow night. ufc action comes to cleveland and how you can watch it live lena is off this week so joining us is leeann sommers from wga are.
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>> let's talk about some big things coming up and radio. first let's find out what's going on with the weather. social media is on fire because of you. twitter in instagram and facebook. >> jimmy malone. >> mark nolan was loving a tweet of >> we have a lot going on. 70s and muggy today. more of the same. a passing shower this morning especially south but chances will continue at any point through the morning and early afternoon. more sunshine later in the day. mid-80s for highs which is above normal and we are going to cool off. the end is in sight so hang in there. in the meantime we have the showers. most of these are very light
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but a brief downpour cannot be ruled out. we're still seeing some light rain showers in stark county and also a few along the lake shore. a few around ashtabula and south and these dew points are still feeling like the tropics. upper 60s and low 70s. on future view notice getting into the afternoon itself we start to see much more of clear to partly cloudy skies. had the front moving in and that is going to create some high shower and storm chances for part of the weekend. the full forecast coming up. good morning. it throws you off completely when you swallow wrong. i understand.
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roadways. we have some new information this morning. that is a new accident reported in cuyahoga county i-90 eastbound lanes heading outbound away from downtown the accident is exit 165 160 5b/1 40th st. i do not have any information on what lanes are closed and will have that for you in the next report. lorain county you're good. no problems reported. toward medina county good morning. there is 76 at 71. inbound traffic is heavier on the left side of your screen. toward cuyahoga county the one accident on 90 eastbound but otherwise we're good. the sure way toward 90 watch for some showers this morning especially on the sure way but traffic is not impacted.
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searching for a suspect serial child abductor and they believe the same and abducted a girl in cleveland is tied to an attempted abduction in a area and -- elyria and a possible case of north ridgeville. >> good morning. the fbi says they have 100% forensic evidence that ties someone to the cleveland abduction in may a six-year-old girl on west the attempted abduction in february in elyria and is a possibly be working the now two and abduction that happened in april two and abduction that happened in april 2015 north ridgeville. they been searching for the person of interest this comes a white man light brown hair to be trimmed beard 5'10" and at least one tattoo. were from clinton told police a man who looks like this object at her and kept her in the bedroom of a brick house with a white door black front porch railing before she was released
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awakened by 10-year-old daughter claiming a man tried to pull her through the bedroom window. she described the man as white in his 30s with brown eyes and was able to break free and run away. in 2015 the north ridgeville case a young girl was taken after a man entered the bedroom and the dad and other siblings sleeping in the house. he took her down the street is unclear how long he had are and when he left she was able to get to her father. the case is troubling to the fbi. >> there's not a lot of people ou home in the middle of the night with others in the home to of doctor small child. it does not happen. it's very scary. >> reporter: fbi believes from the video you can see a distinctive walk this gentleman has been helping someone to recognize and and be able to call and that the know. they've also reached out to places around buffalo, it's., detroit and neighboring headquarters. everyone on the lookout. we have the video and pictures
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cleveland police want your feedback on the new proposed use of force policy. the policy includes instructing officers to take every measure to de-escalate situation and prohibit officers from firing warning shots and using that cold on potential suspects. the new policy is part of the ongoing consent decree with the department of justice to read the entire thing and give you feedback go over to on the report says the month of august was the deadliest for heroin overdoses in cuyahoga county. 52 people died from overdoses last month and there have already been 14 this month. officials say two of those were because of heroin mixed with carfentanil a sedative used in elephants. is baptizing a child without apparent's permission going to
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>> tiffany tarpley's here to explain. >> reporter: the mother says her special needs son was submerged in water like this and he's been having nightmares ever since. she says it happened at morning star friends church and she is blame her 11-year-old son's big brother big sisters mentor in the organization and the church pastor. she found the report -- filed a report with the sheriff's office wants assault and child endangering charges against the people involved >> it was not even >> of water on his head. it was full inversion. he kicked and screamed. he has the same recurring dream over and over. and he feels like he's drowning >> we have to respect people with different values. and have to address that. >> the executive director of the big brothers big sisters program you just heard from him. he says there is training for respecting boundaries and coming up what we have learned
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ufc champ stipe miocic is ready to defend his title and it's right here. current heavyweight champion take on alistair overeem@the q saturday night. you can watch the fight live on pay-per-view if you did not get tickets. best of luck to stay. -- stipe. >> jessica evil afraid for you. >> i was on my best behavior that morning. the party at napoli's t- shirt story just got even better. what the man behind the shirt is doing in the fight against cancer. he's one of my biggest winners this morning. chipotle settlements. what lies ahead for the restaurant chain after an agreement with customers who got sick.
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far. a shower chance we cannot rule out but most of the been
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chipotle has agreed to settle with more than 100 customers who got sick after eating at the restaurant last year. the amount of the settlement have not been released. or than 500 customers got sick from outbreaks in e. coli.
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they still faces a federal probe into food safety. it is almost the end of an era. for cedar point one week from today the mean streak will close for ever. what will happen to the coaster has been a hot topic among our viewers. cedar point has no big plans yet for the wood but they say will not be sold or auctioned off. more than 26 million people have ridden the mean streak says it opened in 1991. >> last february learned that you worked >> the summer i graduated from high school. >> let's learn more about you. you are on wgar with your sidekick brian. also wife and mom. >> yes yes my husband bobby is the director of spire academy in geneva. many pull -- don't know it's a look at trimming school -- olympic training school.
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>> that is my boy a roman. >> he comes on the air? >> he has his own feature on our radio show called roman's riddles because he's obsessed with all things riddles and puppies and doesn't mean english accent. >> you will not do this show. >> if you would let him on the show he would take over. >> we will talk with his agen thank you for sharing. i that they are watching now happy for mom. out to the bust up this morning it is still warm and muggy. the games tonight the weather should be good. around 70 degrees we're sharing
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it is still muggy. perhaps a passing shower this morning into early afternoon. but these chances are fading fast. mid-80s price today and i think we will see some sunshine and good amount of it this afternoon. because the general trend for partly sunny skies as we get into the day and more or less dry weather showing up. left over showers we've already had proof of that. saturday tomorrow we are still breezy day. the front is approaching. and then the cool down for sunday if you look to the left- hand side of your tv we are seeing cooler shades like green and blues and we are planning on a nice change of pace. it's going to feel like september for the end of the weekend. now we're still in the heat of summer. showers have already started to this allowed in many spots.
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in the meantime we have hit or miss shower chance. to the north of canton and resume up for the north and still see pop-up showers in ashtabula and a few on the lake shore of short time ago. these dew points are close to 70 or into the low 70s in some spots. it feels like it could rain at any moment and we're still going to keep that chance because of it. notice as we get into the afternoon we start to see more breaks in the cloud cover. tot tonight for football or whatever you're doing maybe some patio dinner or grill time with the family it looks good. by tomorrow scattered showers and storms moving in and we get a wave in the morning and more chances scattered into the afternoon and evening. we will be watching closely but a good bet that at some point you are going to see wet weather tomorrow. here is your when donation seven-day forecast.
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breeze with a scattered storms. sunday we clear things out with highs in the low 70s. it's going to feel like football. mid to upper 70s next week. good morning everyone. i'm live in edgewater park looking at your traffic. we have an accident west side on i-90 affected. accident at 165 160 5b 1 40th st. odot is picking up traffic. the right to lanes of blocked and you see the blinking red lights -- two lanes are blocked. you can see the blinking red lights. 90 will be impacted and this camera is from west 1 17th st.
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is on eastbound traffic but it looks like it could be -- eastbound lanes coming into downtown so coming in from west lake or the west side of cuyahoga county to western cleveland 90 eastbound the right to pull lanes blocked -- tube light -- tube -- tube -- 2 lanes blocked. the turnpike a much better drive. no issues. 71 and 76 toward medina county accident on 90 eastbound. time now for the biggest winners and losers today. just winners for this friday. though party and napoli's t- shirt at the indians game got another big boost to the fight against cancer. first a great catch and this one did not happen baseball or football but tennis. after winning caroline wozniacki he the ball into the sand and look at the one-handed catch by
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i love her reaction. she does not know to do it first. and you keep that. because that was a great catch. she is definitely a winner for making that play. the story about the party and napoli's t-shirt as the indians game keeps getting better. this is nate crowe when he joined me the summer. he's met behind the idea of the sign that led to the shark. this weekend $121,000 from cleveland clinic children. what you might not know is he got a royalty check for the shirts from the idea for $5792. he then donated that to the cleveland clinic. thank you so much made. you are champion in his hand but also a champion in the fight against cancer. that idea is amazing.
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>> the new way to host a clambake without the cooking and the mess. look at your tv because local we have is this guy enjoying some sunshine. mona sent this picture in but it
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welcome back.
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river dog cafi. >> i've never had so much food in my life. >> this is a great way to start a diet. >> the river dog cafi this is a new take on a clambake. >> jennifer is here to tell us about it. >> good morning. our driveby clambake she suddenly started and they were huge had so bringing them back this year. and clambake's are such a great thing in cleveland and a cool fall tradition we bring th loaded up and you get a dozen -- clams and chicken potatoes corn and sausage. the wind and clam chowder made from scratch and it's all handed out so there's no cooking or cleaning. and then he takes off to the next house. >> but it still has the traditional look. when you have the clambake in- utero everything on the table it has that kind of -- i love that the messy look. but it's a good thing
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help the party had we do it? >> you can contact us at our website river dog what a great way to have a party. they do it for you >> minimum is 10 people but maximum is to the moon. we're doing on this weekend for 70 people. it's a lot of fun. >> going to join thank you so much. let's go back inside. >> it's hard to believe we are in clambake season because it has been so warm but typically we have a lot going on over the next coming weeks and months with fall in the year. today is still in the heat of
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chances through early today but otherwise party sunny skies and mid-80s for highs. on a travel map some showers. the cold front we been tracking through the week is still to the west. that will be moving through late tomorrow. and as a result we have scattered showers and storms. in the meantime today let's look at the forecast highs. still 80s and 90s close to home for us that if you look west
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right now it is 6:30. i don't want this to end. it's nice having you here >> take you for having me. >> do have to go back and help brian? >> they show has to stay on air i've got to get there. >> we will let you go then. right now brian is wondering if >> let's talk about the weather. happy friday. we did. the accomplishment always feels great. every week it is like yes. we have a good friday with football games tonight. and rallies at school today and many other things planned for the weekend. today's weather is easy. an isolated shower chance this
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when it started because the rain showers are starting to fade. i think we will end up partly sunny through the majority of the afternoon and this evening. the 80s so still warm and muggy today but as we look back on the radar we went from numerous showers to just hit and miss. right now most of you are dry of the we will not take the chance out. there have been some sprinkles close to downtown but most of the we see is well to the south and east of cleveland. roads should be dry as you is still humid and more importantly we're tracking much better chances for showers and storms as we get into the weekend. greg has you planned out for the drive this morning. it's not looking good. east side westside that is the problem. a new accident popped up i-90
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that is where it is that. no major delays in this area around lakeshore boulevard but be careful. roadways at the lake are still slick even if you didn't get rain. the air here is thick and there is probably a coating of moisture on the road surface and that is making things slight. here is the big trouble spot. 90 eastbound inbound traffic the west from the westside between liquid in the extreme west side of cleveland between 14 traffic flow and 11 miles per hour because two of the right lanes in the area are blocked. a live camera view you see the left lanes are open right lanes are blocked. they are trying to clean this accident up and at this pace i don't think this will happen quickly. expect delays in this area for the next 30 to 45 minutes. the rest of the region looking much better. westside from lorain county looking good.
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quick check of the east side dr. towards like a vestibule county no problems this morning. we will keep an eye on those accidents. fbi is asking for help finding a man they say is a serial child abductor they have already texted him to a cleveland girl and attempted abduction in elyria. >> the thick you might also be responsible for an abduction in will ujek joins us live with details. >> reporter: good morning. fbi says they have the forensic evidence that 100% connects the cleveland abduction with the attempted abduction in elyria and now new evidence has possibly get to a north ridgeville case dating back to april 2015. they are looking for this man described about 5'10" at least one tattoo a white male flight from here and a beard.
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police a man look like this object at her and kept her in the bedroom and any of your case a 10-year-old girl claims and try to pull her through the window of her bedroom and described the man as white in his 30s with brown eyes was able to break free and run back to her father. in 2015 the north ridgeville case the latest link there working on a young girl was taken after a man entered her bedroom in the middle of the night with the data of the siblings sleeping and took her down the street she was able to break free and get back two of these have a definite connection and one a possible connection. all troubling to the fbi. >> these predators do not stop. it is very unlikely for someone that has a desire for young girls to stop. and so that really concerns us and should concern everyone. >> reporter: here is the photo on if you recognize anything call the fbi.
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killing a university of toledo student has pleaded not guilty to murder james worley faced a judge and been held without bond since being charged last month with the death of sierah joughin. she despaired while riding her bike in the body was that are found in a cornfield. he was also convicted in another abduction in 1990 on the decision fun donald trump made an appearance in cleveland. his second this week. he attends an event at a charter school arts and social sciences academy. he down to spend $20 billion in federal dollars to help low income children attend the school of the choice and also. at other private fundraisers. the latest ohio poll numbers show donald trump leaving hillary clinton 41 to 37%. the quinnipiac universe survey marks the first time he lead in ohio the pole since in may. it's the nation's biggest urban cycling festival.
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>> the main event is the night ride full of blowing bicycles and greg dee is live in edgewater tell us about it >> good morning. talk about the night ride coming up and you will see the writers behind me giving me an example of what look like. tommy about the events. this is more than just biking. >> it is more. what neo-cycle is is the country's largest outdoor cycling and urban lifestyle festival to >> this is not -- if your professional bike rider call but this is not just exclusively that. it's a family event. >> there is so much going on you won't believe. we have a music festival all weekend with 15 live bands. have epic yoga happening on saturday evening we have ultimate air dogs. >> tommy about the ultimate air dogs. >> nothing to do with biking it's really fun families will love checking this out.
6:37 am
it is. affordable -- portable station set up and these well-trained dogs through a frisbee out and they go and jump and catch the frisbee and land in the water and swim back >> and of course the main event happening saturday night the night ride. >> the night ride something we're encouraging the area to get involved with. we got about 2000 cyclists and he can be five years old or 95 years old to participate. it's a casual ride but we do is -- it's not a ra your own pace. we closed eastbound lanes of the sure way and right out of edgewater along the lake it's a beautiful view of the skyline and the lake. you go into downtown and surround is at the lot and they were trying back and come back to music and food trucks and beer and a great atmosphere. >> food bicycling dogs and beer. that is all you need to hear. the weather is going to be
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the night ride i will try to stick other for this weekend if i can take part in that because that will be the highlight of the entire event. imagine coming over the sure way with the skyline lit up perfect weather saturday night and you and your family enjoying the view that you really could see the bicycle because you drive through quickly in the car. neo-cycle happening this weekend saturday and sunday. some events require register on-site at edgewater park this weekend. hoping we will see you out this weekend. >> we are sold. >> i would do it. i took a bike tour once of downtown and it's fascinating. you see many things you don't normally see. lots to come. first let's check in with matt granite. today we have an amazing
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but i'm getting rid of snoring. i'm decreasing back pain and neck pain and doing it for $16. you are magic. we have a good looking forecast as we get into this afternoon. sunshine for your tgif. a few shower chance of this morning still warm and muggy but the good news is we start
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
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a great friday morning to a food truck it takes a clambake on the road. >> that is a good deal. >> if you look inside of this big tinfoil thing of love and juiciness you will see everything in a traditional clambake potatoes and corn and we were dock cafi is here. >> we are obsessed with this
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stress out of the clambake >> it does. it gets you out of the kitchen to have fun with your guests and we all do all the work for you and you get this tray of messy goodness. delivered out of the truck to your hands and there's no clean up. >> i'm glad she said messy goodness because that's what makes a clambake so much fun. >> through it on the table and just eat with your hands. >> >> the chowder is delicious. he makes it from scratch the different events. it is delicious. we do these in the restaurant as well. we expensive a full bar and you can reserve one of our picking tables and we put the paper down for all the food on it and you go to town >> this is the season so you already have booked >> we have some openings so call us -- call fast.
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>> the breakfast of champions. today we are decreasing your snoring hitting rid of back and neck pain and possibly helping marriage. what's in my hands it's like a regular neck pillow but inside is a spying correcting memory phone i put to the test with two different doctors. >> doctor derek and doctor golden. what's going on? >> we're taking the pressure off of your spine a massage and i don't have to use my thoughts. also at the same time you get a better night's sleep because you get better airflow and your snoring will be gone. >> >> i think jackie will be happy your snoring is gone. >> that is my wife and she does not want to be my wife every time i store. at this price would you buy this? >> yes i would >> reporter: >> i'm going to buy 10.
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airport made out of beanbags these are completely different. inside spying correcting memory phone. these pillows will decrease your pain and starring and improve your posture and help you breathe better with the machine washable exterior. the memory foam $16. it has never been this low. a lifetime warranty free delivery not a paid product. i don't care whether or not you buy it. but your wife does or your husband or your girlfriend or boyfriend or kids. st it does work for me i cannot say it's a marriage saver but it does certainly improved. i am snoring less and breathing better and so cool demo. we want you kids to stay happy. >> i think the key is she's in a separate country most of the time so is the honeymoon stage. >> i don't believe that for a second. leigh anne clark in breakfast.
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a are amazing. river don cafi here this morning with a clambake and breakfast damages. if you are getting breakfast on the table and if that is the case here is what to expect. temperatures around 70 degrees with football tonight and dinner plans i'm sure. if you're going to a clambake. the weather should be okay. a passing shower cannot be ruled out this morning but the chances are slow. at 5 pm. over the next 12 hours shows increase in sunshine to the friday afternoon and evening. we talked about this yesterday i believe they would be mainly dry and this morning we have these shower chances early but once we are past these leftovers we should be good to go. tomorrow is different. scattered showers and storms returning breeze.
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you will feel and then we have the cool down insight for sunday. and you can clearly see the much cooler air already as you look to the west northwest. we have blue shades going on the temperature contour map. it has been a while. in the meantime the showers are fading. there are still a few to the south but it really is spotty at this point. most of it is south and east around youngstown. the were some spotty showers around cleveland earlier but those have fizzled out point. we cannot rule out a sprinkle so don't be caught offguard. you see how things have been looking. it's going to be random. dew points are still high and still sticky and stuffy as you wake up. you do not need a jacket. it's another warm day. into the afternoon we start to see the partly to mostly sunny sky and this evening tonight
6:48 am
it's getting active again with scattered showers and storms. the first round in the morning and another blast later in the day with more scattered showers and storms possible. not an all-day rain so if you have things planned outdoors you might be okay. it's going to be all about the timing tomorrow. and it looks like tomorrow evening into sunday we will gradually start to see things clear up and cool off. that will be the big part of the story. the sevey time sunday rolls around only in the low 70s. that is not far off from where we should be which is 77 and we will hit that on monday with a lot of sunshine. small shower chances return tuesday. we have a sister and brother combination. they would like them to stay together so this is islam -- isla who is six years old but
6:49 am
winston churchill who is eight and he has become very nervous living at the shelter. he's looking for a home but they say these cats do together because they spent there entire lives together. hope we can find them a home together. coming up we learn -- know whe likelihood charges after mother says her son should not have
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welcome back. details from the fbi saying this morning they are searching for a serial child abductor. they've connected from an abduction that happened in may in cleveland to an attempted abduction in elyria in february and a possible connection to an april 2015 abduction and north ridgeville. the men searching for this person of interest as a trimmed beard about 5'10" with at least one tattoo. the case is troubling to the fbi and believe he has a distinctive walk so if you look at the picture and recognize anything they ask that you contact them. a geauga county mother is outraged after she says her special needs son was baptized without her permission. april defibaugh is blaming the pastor at morning star friends church and her 11-year-old
6:53 am
mentor. she filed a complaint with the sheriff's office and says her son has nightmares about drowning >> the officer who said took the report says he advised her since the sun did not suffer any physical injuries and there was no criminal intent the most likely was a civil issue. a process in the future she wants some of the situations to be considered illegal. cleveland police want your feedback on the department's proposedus it includes officers to take every measure to de-escalate the situation and other protocol >> the policy is part of the ongoing consent decree with the department of justice. three about it and give your feedback to the city you can find it at a new report says the month of august was the deadliest yet for harewood overdoses in cuyahoga county. 52 people died from overdoses last month and there already been 14 this month. officials say two of those were because of harewood mixed with
6:54 am
more rta service cuts go into effect this weekend starting sunday. rail service will be reduced on the green and waterfront lines as part of the second phase of overall service cuts announced this year last month rta increased fares we five cents for a single ride and cut service to a number of bus routes. the roads were better earlier. they are not so we have the accident and breakdowns all over the place. 490 eastbound a stalled vehicle? just down the road for 90 eastbound accident at broadway avenue. and looking at another accident this is 90 westbound near bratenahl in the accident from 146 177. no major delays and most of it on make sure boulevard and the big one this
6:55 am
are blocked -- tube -- 2 lanes are blocked. traffic is 70 miles per hour in the rest of the are looking good. a live look outside still backing up inbound traffic from 90 eastbound will be slow it's half-and-half but we will get through. we have warm and humid day with isolated shower chances this morning but otherwise we will see a good am o happy friday. scattered storms tomorrow and breeze. sunday in the 70s and feel seasonal. i have several deals. friday freebies. for those looking for the starring decreasing memory pillow $16 almost sold out. >> the best deal in town is this right here. >> leeann sommers. >> thank you. >> come back and see us. >> anytime.
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show? >> you are all welcome. matt moulson country. that will be a treat. thank you so much.
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jonbenet. good morning. breaking news. north korea conducts its largest ever nuclear test overnight. the explosion registering as a magnitude 5 earthquake. the white house already vowing there will be serious consequence donald trump's running mate mike pence doubles down on trump's controversial comments about russia's leader. hillary clinton appalled. >> that is not just unpatriotic, it's not just insulting, it is scary. it is dangerous. >> as new questions emerge about just what happened when trump


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